About the Daughters of D.I.G. (DOD) Project

Daughters of D.I.G.—Developing Intelligent Girls—is an Oakland-based QTPOC tribe, dedicated to passing on the art of digging for knowledge of self through a healing and transformative creative process.

Currently curated by creative Lexx Valdez (lexxdigs.com) and artist/healer Erricka Lewis (thisblackdaffodil.tumblr.com).

Contributing curators:
Devoya Mayo (devoya.tumblr.com) + Valerie Scott (chiefofaffections.tumblr.com)

Founded by Lexx Valdez and Devoya Mayo of thehappyblackgirl.com in 2008 as Daughters of Dilla.

Our message is inspired by the beat of J.Dilla:
"Don't Sell Yourself to Fall in Love"


"Protection" exhibit on Konversation (sponsored by MAS#ALLAH project)

What does it mean to protect? It’s week 3 of MAS#ALLAH residency, and we’re using Konversation to explore the scope of protection in a world where survival doesn’t mean safety, and lack of physical violence doesn’t mean lack of trauma or inequality. Pieces range from an individual level (living as a second gen Middle Eastern in American) to an international development level (stuctural violence and policies surrounding Palestine). 

Resident mashallah-project artist Hawa talks about her inspiration for the topic:

I’ve found what keeps coming up in the studio is the idea of protection- whether its the evil eye, veil, or prayer. I’m constantly grappling with the guarded and exposed parts of my experience- it’s quite emotional and vulnerable to document the scenarios in my head that reformulate my past into my current understanding of my identity. Protection is key to survive in the diaspora, whether its ethnic neighborhoods or thick guards to prevent people’s lack of understanding from penetrating you. Although protection can also be a luxury.

As such, protection for Palestine goes beyond ceasefire. Our Konversation lays out some basic inequalities leaving Palestinians at risk (housing/water/transit etc.) in hopes of bridging the bounds of safety and human rights.

Click for full exhibit on Konversation —>

Support the MAS#ALLAH Residency —>

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Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Tayi Bebba’ Available September 8th.

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"I want to tell you that you all are vessels. I need you to not only clear your throats but clear your minds and hearts too. This is a movement, this is not a moment. I need you to check your egos and leave them out here in the courtyard.

This is not about you. We have thousands of young people in this city who are silenced, whose voices are not heard, whose stories are never told. I want you to be brave.”

Executive Producer of Brave New Voices Hodari Davis giving opening remarks yesterday afternoon to kick off #BNV14.

One of the only teachers in high school that had an effect on me. The voice, the style, and of course the content and heart of what he’s saying I carry with me. Thx for posting Lexx! Love you Mr. Davis!

Thanks for sharing, Rob!

Hodari was a mentor to me in my first job out of college. Huge love and respect to the big homie/Sensei.

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