About the Daughters of D.I.G. (DOD) Project

Daughters of D.I.G.—Developing Intelligent Girls—is an Oakland-based QTPOC tribe, dedicated to passing on the art of digging for knowledge of self through a transformative creative and collective process.

Currently curated by creative Lexx Valdez (lexxdigs.com) and artist/healer Erricka Lewis (thisblackdaffodil.tumblr.com).

Contributing curators:
Devoya Mayo (devoya.tumblr.com) + Valerie Scott (chiefofaffections.tumblr.com)

Founded by Lexx Valdez and Devoya Mayo of thehappyblackgirl.com in 2008 as Daughters of Dilla.

Our message is inspired by the beat of J.Dilla:
"Don't Sell Yourself to Fall in Love"